People of Kilmservy Village (2014)
Meet the settlers. find out why the feud began.

​Oliver Stuttshire has one thing in mind - to make a better life for his family in the New World. While working toward that end, he learns the hard way that sometimes, even those closest to you cannot be trusted.

A feud between the  Stuttshire and Breckenship families begins as they build the village. It is carried over to the next generation, and the next...

The Books

Rough Hewn Trilogy
Psychological Thriller
Families in the hills and hollers of the mid-south take care of their own.
It's been their way of life since they first settled the area. It continues to be today.

Escape (2014)
Meet the descendants. Witness evil wrought by the continued feud.​

Jim controls every aspect of his wife’s life, thinking her oblivious. Carolyn knows more than he realizes. She secretly investigates his crimes. With no family to lean on, she finds comfort in the open arms of old friends, who urge her to get away from him. By the time she resolves to leave Jim, it’s too late. He's made a decision of his own – she will never leave their home alive. 

Caterwaul Bay (2015)
Murder Mystery/Short Story

When Verna Alexander, the owner of a run-down juke joint on the bay, is found shot to death, all evidence points to a local fisherman. Did Warren Grandy  murder her, or has someone set him up? 

Warren's spurned wife seldom sees her husband. Her secret message to Warren helps detectives wrap up the Verna Alexander case, but have they overlooked the most important part of the puzzle?

Return (*Early 2017)
Follow along as good tries to overcome evil. Who will win the battle? Will

the feud finally be over, or will it pass on to the next generation?

Will Carolyn finally have the happy life she's been deprived of for so long,

or will Jim destroy her and those who love her?

*Update on this trilogy. 8/28/2016
First, my apologies to my readers for leaving you hanging after book two. 
Secondly, It wasn't intentional. Things happen. Life washes in like waves pushed by a hurricane sometimes. So, that happened. I'm shooting for a publication date the first part of 2017. The RH Trilogy will soon be pulled from publication, rewritten, and published with new covers. It will go directly to print and eBook.

Nadia Kilrick

Author  Dreamer

Don't Cross Lillman Bridge (Coming October 2016)
Psychological Thriller/Short Story (salted with a bit of paranormal)

Hope is a young woman on a mission. Abandoned as a baby, she was raised by foster care families hundreds of miles from her birthplace. When she ages out of the system, she begins the search for her family.

With few clues, and an uncanny ability to see into the past, and the future, she unearths more than she could've imagined.

Ziggy Returns (2013)
Paranormal/Short Story (Ghost)

Minna Fuller finds herself in an odd predicament when her moonshine guzzling husband carelessly causes an accident that changes both their lives. Though relieved to have her life back, she would never have wished death on her husband. Being a man who always had to have the last word, Ziggy returns to their home to instruct her on how she should live the remainder of her life. He offers a far-reaching suggestion, even for him.

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