Nadia Kilrick

Author  Dreamer

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When Hope Darling ages out of the foster care system, the search for her biological family begins.  Two washed out photographs, a locket with a faded picture of her mother, and a worn monogrammed baby blanket are the only clues her mother left behind.

She travels to the state where she was born and finds the house from the photo. Hope quickly learns why her mother ran away from the home. With each scrap of paper, overheard conversation and vision, the truth horrifying is revealed.

When the occupants of the house discover this snooping trespasser, they recognize her immediately. She's the mirror image of her mother, and they have no plans to let her leave the home. What they don't know, is that Hope inherited her mother's fearless determination. She will not give up without a fight, and she has a lot of fight left in her.

In dealing with these people, she learns that being born with a veil over her eyes is a blessing, instead of a curse. 

Blood, indeed, never lies. 

Coming October 2016